University of Duisburg-Essen

Institute for Socio-Economics

I am Professor of Political Science and Socio-Economics at University of Duisburg-Essen. In addition, I am affiliated to the Danish Centre for Welfare Studies as a part-time professor and to the IZA Institute of Labor Economics as a research fellow.


My research interests are related to social and political inequality, political behaviour, and comparative welfare state and labour market analysis. I currently work on the following research questions:


  • How do labour market experiences translate into political behaviour?

  • Under which conditions do poverty, unemployment, job insecurity and other socio-economic problems lead to political alienation, apathy, or radicalisation?

  • Which social and political conflicts are triggered by digitalization of employment?

  • Which are the political processes underlying growing income inequality?

  • What explains welfare state and labour market change in comparative perspective?

  • Which policies are suitable to address labour market segmentation?


In 2014, I finished a research project dealing with the growth of non-standard employment in European labour markets (read more).


In 2017, the North Rhine-Westphalian Ministry of Culture and Science awarded me a grant to establish a research group on "The influence of socio-economic problems on political integration" (read more).

Selected publications (click here for full list):


Marx, P. (forthcoming) 'Anti-Elite Politics and Emotional Reactions to Socio-Economic problems. Experimental Evidence on ‘Pocketbook Anger’ from France, Germany, and the United States', British Journal of Sociology.


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